My small space where I try to think out loud about everything related to design, software and technology. Feel free to read through.

Life at Miro
Working as a leading platform designer for Miro on topics like frameworks, core, developer experience, app experience and design system & accesibility during their hypergrowht of 2020-2022.Case study
Display-P3 color uplift
Improving the colors with the P3 gamut is easy. But the question is why? Well there a few reason of going in that direction.Code snippet
Internal tools and methods for gaining empathy
Through this case study blog post I'll guide you through the internal tools and methods you can use, to feed your ideas with qualitative and quantitative backup.Case study
The history of the web browser
The web browser today is an amazingly powerful piece of software, limiting in its own ways but still powerful enough to bear things like progressive apps, this post is trying to understand how did it came to that point and why.Blog post
Implementing system thinking
Case study story of the experience being a single designer in a developer focused product about media analysis and annotations.Case study
The Great Wall of Development
Case study story about how to integrate design changes in the normal product development cycle, while actually improving speed, communication and inbetween discipline collaborations.Case study
24 Things I learned as a Product Designer
My thoughts on the switch from multi-client to dedicated inhouse designer after 365 days.Blog post
Defining a design system
Exploration article about the connection of systems, systems in the human body and systems that we use everyday to design better software.Blog post
Improving impatience
Sharing the experience of no phone policy for 6 months, while working on mobile apps as a UX designer.Blog post
Working with Tripscout
Applying knowledge about architecture, information hierarchy, patterns, systems and animation with the amazing people at Tripscout.Case study