Welcome to my playground, where I explore the functional, visual and collaborative side of design. Feel free to browse through the projects, tools & experiments.

Personal Dashboard
Various API calls from different systems and platforms to generate a personal dashboard with metrics and stats.Experimental
A Figma plugin to generate different data fields for faster and more effective process in Elastic o11y use case.Figma plugin
Mirotone is a small & lightweight design system kit that tries to match Miro styles for helping you design, build and integrate apps.Package
My personal resource that lists the methods, practices and ways of working I follow in design.Methods & Practices
Handoff notes
Prepare your work for handoff. Generate a note frame below each screen explain it and help others to understand the static designs better.Figma plugin
List of tools & software I use daily to support my interest and hunger on the journey of designing software. The list can constantly change as I try to experiment with new solutions and methods.Tools & Software
Simple and lightweight CSS helper for building quick and efficient layouts.Package
CSS library that focuses on responsive web and pure fluidity.Package
Emoji builder
An emoji library, created by nested symbols and components to ease the creation of emoji. It is an open file which can be built onto. Use your creativity to create new emojis and bring new emotions. Sketch library
Working with speed and efficiency is essential when you spend your day designing and coding. This section of my website is dedicated to commands & shortcuts, so my day can be fun and productive.Helpers